Capgemini runs a global gamification initiative using leaderboarded

Capgemini is an implementation-focused management consulting and Information Technology services group.

As part of an annual internal brand awareness campaign Capgemini wanted to encourage employees to engage in campaign activities and share the campaign with colleagues. They used a leaderboard to guide employee progress in the campaign with excellent results.

“With 120,000+ colleagues worldwide, making sure everyone understands what the Capgemini brand is about is essential for us. By working with Leaderboarded we were able to turn a traditional communication campaign into a campaign that allows for our team members to learn about the brand in a fun and interactive manner.” – Emmanuel Lochon, Head of Group Advertising, Capgemini

Capgemini used a Custom leaderboard and the Leaderboarded API.

The campaign implementation was completed by Stepnet Ingenerie:

“Our client wanted a mini site with deep integration of their enterprise social network : Yammer. We quickly turned to a leaderboard that would allow us to integrate multiple points tracks and deliver a ranked, weighted scoring system to thousands of players. The Leaderboarded software and API made it easy for us to configure the leaderboard, collect data from our own app and the Yammer social network. We then embedded the leaderboard back in the app using an iframe widget.” – Laurent Pernot, Stepnet Ingeneirie

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