Leaderboarded integrates with PeerIndex to migrate PeerGroups

Leaderboarded.com, a TechHub London based startup, has partnered with social analytics company PeerIndex to offer users a simple online service for creating leaderboards for online influencers.

As a result of this partnership, PeerIndex announced today that it was closing the PeerGroups beta, a PeerIndex app where lists of individuals are ranked according to their PeerIndex score, on the 1st October 2013. This functionality, and more, will now be provided by the Leaderboarded integration.

Under the agreement, existing PeerGroups beta users will be offered a one-click migration and a discounted monthly subscription to Leaderboarded’s service when moving their PeerGroup beta to Leaderboarded.

PeerIndex CEO Azeem Azhar said, “We are very excited about this partnership. There’s a lot of value in the ability for people to create influencer rankings for specific contexts (topic, location and so on) – and Leaderboarded have built a fantastic, easy-to-use scoreboard app, so it’s a perfect match. Leaderboarded offers some great gamification features that will let group owners really drive community engagement with their influencer rankings. This will be the first of hopefully many great apps built with our platform in the future.”

For PeerIndex, providing the data rather than the consumer service means they can increase their laser focus on building a social data platform. The PeerIndex platform already analyses over 500 messages per second, and provides timely, accurate data to data partners via the PeerIndex API.

By moving PeerGroups to Leaderboarded, PeerIndex free up opportunities for partners to offer functionality based on the PeerIndex data platform and API – without leaving existing PeerGroups beta users without a migration option.

Leaderboarded CEO Toby Beresford said, “We’re delighted to welcome new customers from PeerIndex over to Leaderboarded. We will be working with them to unleash the power of their PeerGroups to engage their communities further. Using Leaderboarded will turn a PeerGroup into an action orientated leaderboard – driving social media performance amongst players who compete with one another for a better ranking.”

A full FAQ for PeerGroups users can be found at:


About Leaderboarded.com

Leaderboarded.com is a “software as a service” universal digital scoreboard based in the TechHubnear London’s Silicon Roundabout. Leaderboarded was founded by former social media agency head and founder of the Gamification Gurus leaderboard, Toby Beresford, in March 2012. Existing Leaderboarded customers include Zoopla (http://www.zoopla.co.uk/property-power-100/), MTV Australia & Capgemini.

About PeerIndex

PeerIndex is a social media analytics company that is using scientific methodology to build the Influence Graph – a unique dataset that identifies who’s really influential and in which context. This technology powers PeerIndex’ data platform, which currently handles 100m+ messages per day, over 100m users of the social web and 8TB total data volume. The resulting proprietary predictive analytics on community level influence, and more, are accessible to partners through their API (http://developers.peerindex.com).

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