10 questions to ask your players before gamifying them

Under the lightweight gamification model framework we focus on the intrinsic motivation of our players and offer them regular feedback on their progress towards their goal.

So, in the planning stage of our gamification program we need to uncover what feedback we can give that our players will actually value.

A great way to discover this is to ask them! A series of interviews should do the trick – how you do those interviews is up to you.

Here’s a few questions I would want to ask my prospective players, why not ask yours and see what response you get. It will help you laser target your  program on what really matters.

Epic Win

1. In this context, what does success look like for you?

2. What are the key goals you want to achieve this year?


3. What are the various baby steps you need to take to get to that goal?

4. What disciplines do you need to adopt?


5. What personalised feedback do you need to see how you are progressing?

6. What social feedback (comparison with others) would you find useful?

7. How often would you to receive feedback on your progress (daily, weekly or monthly?) Any particular day / time that suits best?

8. How would you like to receive the feedback? Email, Social Media, Via Web, Mobile phone notification?

9. Would you find knowing how your  team / club / community as a whole is performing valuable?


10. Are there any  milestones you’d like to mark and keep a record of along the way?

I’ve structured the questions in line with lightweight gamification principles of giving players great feedback only as often as they need it, against a goal they themselves want to achieve. For example with the Zoopla Property Power 100, Zoopla provides estate agents feedback on their progress to becoming great social media marketers.

I’ve used an annual epic win goal but you can use different time periods – thinking about a program lasting a year at a time will give it a natural fit with the typical, more formal, annual appraisal system used in most businesses.

With the results of your interviews, you then need to filter them by what you can track digitally for the players. You may need to be creative in what you use for signals! Then plan to start your program with just a subset of commonly required feedback. It’s all about getting started!

What key questions would you ask? Suggest them in the comments.

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