Create your own Nike Plus style program with Rise

I’ve been saying this so often recently I just thought I’d make sure it was on the blog.  Leaderboarded provides a technology for you to run your own Nike+ style program so your brand can give additional value to your customers around their core motivations.

Let’s compare Nike + and  how Zoopla have created a Zoopla + program for their customers, estate agents, called the Zoopla Property Power 100.

Nike+: Lets footwear customers track performance in the activity they really care about and the reason they buy footwear – Running

ZPP100: Lets online marketing customers track performance in another activity area for online marketing – Social Media


Oh yes, they are exactly the same from a strategic marketing point of view.

The only difference is cost:

Nike+: Millions of pounds and a lot of hard work

ZPP100: Hundreds of pounds and learning to use Leaderboarded.

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