Formulas for everyone

We released a useful feature a while back to a subset of leaderboarders called “Formulas”.

You can see them in action on boards like the Elite Technology VCs board where an ‘Engagement score’ is being calculated using formulas for each firm in each of the main social media channels.

Formulas are now available to all so we’re looking forward to seeing how you use them to create engaging experiences to motivate team performance.

I’d recommend using formulas in the following ways:

  • Ratios – rank players on ratios rather than absolute numbers e.g. (Retweets / Followers ) * 1000 = Retweets per 1000 followers
  • Averages – rank players on their average performance over time – e.g. Tweets / 7 = Tweets per day.
  • Percentage Achieved – rank players on their performance against their quota – e.g. Sales Revenue / Quota * 100 = % Quota completed

Those are just three ways to use formulas in your leaderboards, let us know other ways you want to use them.

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