How the Glass of Bubbly web site grew 500% with a leaderboard

I recently interviewed Glass of Bubbly on how the Rise service has benefited their business. I summarised the results into a case study which I paste in full below:


UK based community website start up, Glass of Bubbly, wanted to engage champagne and sparkling wine producers around the world. They needed new content to drive a weekly conversation with major champagne labels such as Veuve Cliquot and Laurent Perrier.  This luxury brand audience are traditionally hard to engage.


The Glass of Bubbly team used to publish a social media leaderboard of the Top 100 Sparkling Wine producers on their site.  The Sparkling Wines of the World Social Media Leaderboard was based on social media influence scores for different labels. Glass of Bubbly then used the Rise tweet out facility to notify all 100 producers of their rank and score on the leaderboard each week.

This brought traffic to the site as the producers came to check their rank and score. Additionally some of the labels retweeted the notification on Twitter,  sending their followers  to the Glass of Bubbly site as well.


It has been highly successful – the leaderboard now drives the greatest percentage of traffic to the Glass of Bubbly site. When the site re-launched with a new design that included the social media leaderboard,  Glass of Bubbly saw 600% growth. The vast majority, 500%, of this new engagement was directly attributed to the social media leaderboard.

The leaderboard has brought Glass of Bubbly new relationships on Twitter from among the champagne producer labels. This has led to content opportunities where labels have written articles for Glass of Bubbly itself and crucially, share Glass of Bubbly content with their own audiences.

“The leaderboard put us on the radar”

Through the authority that the leaderboard gave them, Glass of Bubbly went from a start up to being seen as an expert within their industry, almost overnight. The Glass of Bubbly team are now invited to new product launches and champagne tastings across the world. “The leaderboard put us on the radar” said co-founder Chris Walkey. “If we didn’t have Rise we’d never be this effective.”



The leaderboard is now evolving as Glass of Bubbly add a second league leaderboard for global sparkling wine producers. This has given them global reach beyond the initial group of Champagne producers in France.

Next Steps

What next? A ‘badge’ for companies on the Glass of Bubbly leaderboard is being designed to display on their own website.  A leaderboard scoring system to cover more than social media metrics is under development – for example rating producer’s wider corporate social impact.  Glass of Bubbly also intends to seek a sponsor for the leaderboard among their supplier community – this will make the leaderboard program profitable in itself.

If you would like to engage your customers with a social media leaderboard, create a Twitter list  then login to Rise and try creating a Power Leaderboard.

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