WePlay reach new customers by using a leaderboard

WePlay.co is a dedicated sports social media agency working with the world’s top sporting brands.

We Play wanted to reach out to top sports brands to offer their cutting edge fan engagement and social media expertise but needed a way to start the conversation.

As a door opener and conversation piece, We Play created the weekly ‘Social Media Premier League‘ which ranked the English Premier League clubs in terms of their social media presences.

As a result We Play entered into new business conversations with several top clubs, many of whom became interested in We Play services via the leaderboard.

We Play founder and CEO Luca Massaro said:

“By running the We Play Social Media Premier League using Leaderboarded.com we were able to create an interesting and useful tool for clubs to measure and benchmark their social media performance. The Leaderboarded tool enabled us to devise our own scoring system and weekly competition that focused on performance improvement. We’re delighted with the results we’ve achieved using leadeboarded and have gone on to create several other leaderboards”

We Play used the Custom leaderboard template to create this leaderboard.

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