It’s all about Boards

Many customers have started referring to our leaderboarded instances as ‘boards’ and we agree with them. Some people started calling them ‘leaderboardeds’ and we didn’t agree with them for obvious reasons. That’s why we’re changing the name of what you create on leaderboarded from ‘leaderboards’ to ‘boards’ from today.

This reflects a deeper change in the way people use leaderboarded – to manage and display more than just a leaderboard. For instance, you can output the score as an Individual score (much like Klout does), as a leaderboard or as a Collective score (the sum total of everyone’s activity).

Individual and Collective scores can be better renderings of your lightweight gamification program as they focus attention away from competitive performance to  personal and collaborative performance.

We’ve other name changes in the pipeline too. We’ll keep you posted on the blog when they go live.

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