3 Agents of Change in the Utilities Sector

Today we’re going to be teaming up with the guys at Accenture, Southern Water, WRC and the GamFed Gamifiers to discuss consumer use of power and water.

We are heading for a crunch. The basics of life – power and energy – can no longer be taken for granted.

Fossil fuels are petering out, bringing an energy shortfall.

Populations boom while climate change damages the environment, bringing water scarcity. 

A common perception, particularly among technologists, is that technology will arrive ‘just in time’ to provide a solution to these.

Typically we think of this is in terms of increasing supply. More oil from deep rocks. Drinking water from the sea.

But what about technologies that decrease demand?

In the utilities sector to date, the two predominant agents of change have been Price and Regulation.

Now there is a new agent of change in town – it’s called Feedback. Gamification is the technology that can provide it.

Just think:

  • Are you using more water than your neighbours?
  • Is your town more energy efficient that a neighbouring town?
  • Is there a premier league of sustainable power users?

Well designed, gamified feedback can drive behaviour change.

Isn’t it time we all started thinking about reducing demand?

See you at the meetup – http://www.meetup.com/gamifiers


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