Metric Hierarchies allowing hybrid scoring systems

Rise is the universal scorekeeping platform – that means any scoring system you can dream up we can support it.

Having your scoring system on rise  means you can automate creation and distribution of scores to each of your players.

In today’s update we’ve launched hierarchical metrics – now you can create sub groups of metrics. This might be useful from a display point of view – i.e. a social media score might group all activity on each platform, for ease of reading.

Where it really comes into its own however is when you want different ranking algorithms for each metric group. With this feature you can now combine absolute and relative scores in a single scoring system. For example you can set base scores for all players (perhaps based on longer term achievements) and overlay a relative score (perhaps based on the past 90 days).

So now the rise challenge. Can you come up with a scoring system and formula that Rise can’t support?! If so let us know…

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