Team using Rise API wins UN Influx hackathon

Full marks to the team who won the UN Influx Hackathon‘s coveted ‘heart’ prize last weekend for the most emotionally inspiring  project!

Team members Irina, Ptolemy, Ozo and Sandra were delighted “thank you so much for your platform (the Rise API) It’s very inspiring”, Irina said.

It was the first time the Rise API has been offered for use in a hackathon environment.

The benefits of the platform are to fast track the delivery of a proof of concept for a gamified performance management solution – in this case the ‘game’ involved engaging UN Volunteers to share challenges with friends, so by spreading news about the UN.

The Rise API is used in this case to:

  • create a list of players
  • automatically give points from multiple sources, especially Twitter
  • calculate and produce a regular weekly ‘release’ of the score board
  • retrieve latest scores for displaying on the site

The team additionally used the Rise Manager UI to manage the list of players and distribute scores updates to players via bulk Tweet outs.

Here’s a photo of the winning team:


And a screenshot of the winning hack:


The team are keen to carry on with it the project and we wish them every success in doing so.

Rise would also like to thank the organisers of the hackathon, Max, Klaus and Dan for including us as a mentor and helping make the Rise API available to the teams.

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