I’ve launched my Power 100 leaderboard, now what?

After the initial rush of excitement, when people realise they have been added to your Power 100 leaderboard, there can be a lull in enthusiasm in the early weeks.

Although a cause for concern, this is normal  – it takes communities a while (6 weeks or so) to realise that, unlike most Power100 leaderboards they might have seen in the past, your leaderboard is weekly and dynamic. Once they realise this, they then will engage with it on that basis as it provides helpful weekly, comparative feedback with their peers, as well as a light hearted conversation topic!

During this lull, is a great time to put together your own weekly content plan.
The weekly content plan should cover aspects such as:
  1. Who will we tweet out to weekly? Just the top 100, or the top climbers or both?
  2. How will we keep our tweets fresh and personalised?
  3. What special content week’s will we include – the launch of a badge, notification of an upcoming online event?
  4. What will be shown:
    1. On the leaderboard page
    2. In the email content sent to followers
    3. In the notification tweets
  5. What ‘meta content’ will we provide? This could be a blog post highlighting the movers and shakers each week or a more in-depth interview with one or two of the players on the board.

Being fresh in tone with the tweet out content will also help bloggers realise it  really is a personalised tweet you are sending them, not an automated one. This is quite important as you are building a coaching relationship with your players. You may have to experiment here to find the right tone for you.

How do I become the industry standard?
Becoming the industry standard is a critical objective for your Power 100 leaderboard, whatever your sector. A great way to do this is to ensure your leaderboard is distributed across the web. Ask players and colleagues to publish the leaderboard widget or a  ‘top climbers widget’ on their own blogs. This will ensure your board is increasingly seen as the one to watch. We cover this in more detail in our recent post, how can I make my leaderboard industry standard?

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