111 Ways to Grow Your Twitter Followers


When creating a Twitter profile one of the first tasks is to grow a decent audience. Happily there is no shortage of advice on tips and tricks to do this.

In this blog post I’ve compiled 111 ways to do just that, as suggested from across the web.

But before you dive headlong in, don’t forget you’ll need an easy way to track your results as you seek to grow your Twitter followers each week. A great way to do this is to join the Rise Twitter Followers Club. Join the Club and receive free weekly emails letting you know your % growth in followers each week, and compare your performance to other members.

  1. Create Valuable Content
  2. Comment on relevant news/tweets
  3. Retweet relevant content
  4. Engage with major events
  5. Ask for retweets
  6. Promote Responsibly
  7. Countdowns
  8. Twitter-Exclusive content, contests and promotions
  9. Two-sided Conversations
  10. Add a unique image
  11. Create a unique header image
  12. Write an engaging bio
  13. Customize your colour scheme
  14. Add a follow button to your blog
  15. Add a Twitter share button to your blog posts
  16. Setup Twitter cards
  17. Link to your Twitter account in your author bio
  18. Link out to influencers in your blog posts and let them know about it
  19. Embed tweets in your blog posts
  20. Avoid sending multiple tweets in a short space of time
  21. Stop sending automated DM’s
  22. Tweet more (within reason)
  23. Follow people who value what you have to say
  24. Vary the type of content you share
  25. Leverage and optimize hashtags
  26. Pin your best stuff to your profile
  27. Share the content your audience is interested in
  28. Share other people’s content and tag them
  29. Take part in Twitter chats
  30. Schedule your tweets to be published when your followers are online
  31. Ask Your Users to Follow You
  32. Add Twitter Profiles To Email Signatures
  33. Include Twitter Profiles in Company Material
  34. Promote Product or Company Related Hashtags
  35. Use Twitter For Support
  36. Include Twitter Follow Buttons on Thank-You Pages
  37. Allow Users to Share Pre-Filled Tweets
  38. Use Favorites as Testimonials
  39. Add Your Twitter Profile To Your Facebook Page
  40. Know What Time Zone To Best Engage
  41. Reach Out To Influencers
  42. Engage With Customers
  43. Use Images, Properly
  44. Join In Conversations With Other Brands
  45. Use Hashtags At Conferences
  46. Include Your Twitter Profile On Presentations
  47. Keep It Positive
  48. Follow Your Own Followers
  49. Create Lists & Follow The Users
  50. Tweet To 3 New People Every Day
  51. Add Twitter Profiles To Guest Blogs
  52. Get A Celebrity To Retweet You
  53. Use Trending Hashtags Wisely
  54. Cross Promote Hashtags
  55. Ask Your Followers Questions
  56. Use Vine or YouTube Videos
  57. Give Twitter Followers A Coupon Code
  58. Leverage Partnerships
  59. Use Promoted Tweets
  60. Have Multiple Staff Accounts
  61. Tweet Stats & Interesting Content
  62. Reward Your Followers
  63. Use Favourites As A Marketing Platform
  64. Promote Your Twitter Account Through Other Channels
  65. Utilize your LinkedIn and email connections
  66. Use a timesaving tool to schedule your tweets
  67. Tweet inspirational quotes.
  68. Follow users who follow your followers
  69. Follow the accounts recommended by Twitter
  70. Respond to people who are interested in similar content
  71. Tap into your existing customer base
  72. Run a followers advertising campaign on Twitter
  73. Collect feedback to build a better business
  74. Tap into real time programming 
  75. Feature seasonal, cultural and industry events
  76. Launch a product on Twitter
  77. Track your results.
  78. Create value for your followers by solving their problems
  79. Use pauses to leave space for engagement
  80. Tweet from the heart
  81. Get to know Twitter lingo
  82. Keep your Bio current
  83. Embed your best Tweets
  84. Use your Twitter account to sign in to other forum sites
  85. Sign up for Twitter directories (and Rise boards)
  86. Get a celebrity or industry leader to follow you
  87. Send a Direct Message to your new followers
  88. Search for Tweets with business related keywords and hashtags 
  89. Tweet about breaking news
  90. Repeat your most popular tweets 
  91. Keep it short 
  92. Don’t auto-tweet
  93. Don’t rapid tweet 
  94. Be a great headline writer
  95. Tweet about other blog posts
  96. Use the .@mention –
  97. Check your Twitter throughout the day
  98. Use promoted tweets
  99. Respond to @mentions
  100. Partner with other businesses 
  101. Use promoted trends and accounts
  102. Target your ads
  103. Host a live tweet event i.e product launch
  104. Track your links 
  105. Tweet on weekends too
  106. Improve your tweets
  107. Regularly unfollow people who haven’t followed you back
  108. Use keywords to find followers
  109. Make an effort to Keep Your Followers on Twitter
  110. Consider creating a different Twitter account.
  111. Turn a Twitter list into a Power 100 leaderboard

While I’m sure most of you do many of these already, I hope you find at least some new tips in here to help you grow your Twitter follower numbers.

This week we have also been looking at the Twitter followers of the world’s tourist boards. Check out our findings on this week’s Rise Report – Top 1000 Travel Destinations on Twitter. Which places would you think have the greatest following on Twitter? The answers may surprise you…


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