London tops Las Vegas, New York and L.A. as the most desirable travel destination for Twitter users


Monday 6 July 2015, 1pm London

London has come out top in a new report of Top 1000 Travel Destinations on Twitter published by, the scorekeeping platform.

The report tracks over 1000 tourist boards for both individual cities and countries in terms of their worldwide following on social network Twitter. Each tourist board is ranked according to number of followers, the more followers a tourist board’s twitter channel has, the higher the rank.

Toby Beresford, CEO of said “maintaining an active social media channel demonstrates the vibrancy of demand for visits to a particular location. By providing an interesting flow of content the top tourist boards have managed to grow and maintain their own audience of travellers keen to visit. Social media channels are an excellent way for a tourist board to engage with potential visitors 365 days a year.”

In the report Visit London tops the chart with over 340,000 followers leaving it’s closest competitors, Vegas and I Love New York behind with around 285,000 followers each.

Rise’s Travel Sector specialist, Nick Shah said, “travel has always been a popular section within traditional news media, it’s no surprise that it creates great interest on social media too. This Rise Report is a great way for tourist boards to see where they stand, and see what work they need to do to keep up in the global race for tourist attention.”

The report also shows that Visit Britain has more followers than Visit Phillipines and Tourism Australia, giving the UK the coveted title of most popular country on Twitter.

Just scraping into the list is the 1000th tourist board – Experience Haiti. With just 190 followers, the country clearly has some way to go to engender the same excitement on social media as the leaders.

Rise offers a tracking service for Tourist Boards (and others) seeking to grow their Twitter reach, called the “Twitter Followers Club”. The club provides a free weekly personalised report tracking growth in followers that week and comparing rate of growth with others. To join the club visit

To see the full report visit

To find out more about Rise and sign up for free membership of the online performance tracking community, go to:




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