Introducing the tech_1k – The Top Global 1000 Tech Bloggers


15th December, 2015

The Rise Social Media tracking team (@rise_sm) is today launching the Tech_1k ranking of the Global Top 1000 Tech Bloggers.

This will be a weekly leaderboard akin to the Travel 1k Rise board we have been running for over a year. If you made the initial list, great, if you haven’t click on the Join button to ask to add yourself.  Or to nominate your favorite tech blogger, send an email to

For Tech Bloggers the tech_1k provides recognition of your expertise and a chance to compare your online impact each week with peers in an easy way. Each week we’ll notify the bloggers of their latest score and change in rank relative to peers. We use Klout scores as the way of ranking bloggers.

While we know that not all of you accept a Klout score as a valid measure of online impact, we beg to differ. Even with it’s limitations, we feel it’s one of the best measures out there of digital impact and for bloggers looking to improve their reach and engagement, it functions as a suitable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that every blogger should track.

For Followers of the Rise board it’s a chance to discover bloggers that they may not already know about. Each tech blogger describes themselves in their bio so there’s a real chance to learn about the best bloggers out there. Also the weekly email that only followers receive will showcase new bloggers joining the board and the bloggers that are climbing the rankings fastest. What better way to keep up with this vibrant community?

For us here at Rise it’s a chance to show off our Power 100 leaderboard app which helps you to build an online audience for your website, blog or event by providing a free scorekeeping service for the top influencers relevant to your audience . If you’re running a niche tech blog it’s a technique you could try on your own blog. We look forward to discovering the top 100 most influential PL/I programmers and other such delicacies!  To get started sign in to Rise with your twitter account and choose to create a list based on a Twitter search. I recommend using  country and a role as a great way to get a list started e.g. “UK CyberSecurity”.


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