Announcing “On the Move”

Today marks the launch of our new feature for Rise boards called “On the Move”.

On the move reports those players who are the key movers and shakers on any Rise board.

This is an additional rise report, included with every release of a Rise board. On the move has three sections:

  • On the Rise – those players who have climbed the highest this week
  • New arrivals – new players joining the board this week
  • Slip sliding away – those players who have fallen down the rankings

For anyone following the Rise board this is vital information – it’s often the changes that are most interesting on a week by week basis.

The On the Move section is provided in three formats:

  • On – for followers to browse the report on the web
  • Web widget – for board managers to embed on their own sites if they wish
  • Twitter show content – for managers to include in their Twitter show

On the On the Move section is kept behind a login wall. This builds up the board’s list of followers – people interested in the Rise board but not necessarily wanting to play on it.Screenshot 2016-03-17 12.34.54.png

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