Audience Success Tracking for bloggers

What benefit do you offer your readers?


Many bloggers don’t ask that question nearly often enough. That’s often the way with any media folk – we are so busy generating interesting content, we forget to ask publisher questions – like why does our audience read, what’s in it for them?


Once we know the answer though, we can drive deeper engagement with our audience. Not only by tailoring our content more appropriately but by actively tracking success for them – not our success note, but theirs.


Audience Success Tracking means you figure out what your audience really wants and then you track their success at achieving it.


This “added value” service drives true loyalty and reliable reach.


Just think about it for a moment yourself, when faced with two reading options and limited time – a reader is going to choose the blog that has visibly demonstrated it has his best interests at heart, every time.


I’ve been running an Audience Success Tracking program on my own personal blog for over 4 years and it has worked really well. My blog is called “gamification of work” and I interview gamification industry experts, review books and write thought pieces on the emerging gamification industry.


My target audience is gamification gurus – individual consultants and companies that are looking to become experts at the application of gamification to real world problems. As part of this I offer a Rise board called “Gamification Gurus Power 100” for them to track their own success at becoming expert in gamification.

Screenshot 2016-04-11 18.06.00

I started the board with a Klout score to track their existing “social influence”. I then expanded it to include usage data (whether they were following me on Twitter) and now it tracks whether they are getting responses on their own publishing channels. If they are reading the Gamification of Work blog and doing well as a result of its advice then that’s all good.


Every media channel and audience is slightly different, so no one size fits all but Audience Success Tracking is a technique that I think any blogger, vlogger or photographer can use.

In future blog posts I’ll be looking at Success Tracking in other realms of life. Stay tuned by subscribing to this blog by email.


If you’d like to discuss Audience Success Tracking for your blog or media channel I’d love to chat with you. Let me know who you’re looking to engage via and we’ll set up a call.

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