Rise launches Success Tracking University

We’d all like to be more successful.

Whether that’s at work or in our personal lives – seeking success is a natural human instinct.

I’d like to be a successful businessman, a successful blogger, a successful parent, and even a successful tennis player (albeit in a smaller pond than the one Novak Djokovic plays in).

While actually achieving success isn’t the be all and end all – striving for it is part of the journey, part of the “race of life”.  Settling for the status quo shouldn’t be an option when there’s always scope for small improvements.

“We look for 1% improvements, everywhere” – Dave Brailsford, British Cycling Coach

At Rise we take tracking your success seriously. We’d like you to be more successful, we want you to flourish. By providing the tracking tools you need to be successful, we help you achieve your goals.

It’s our mission to help you and your organisation flourish through the spread of trustworthy, transparent, success tracking.

As part of that, today we’re launching the Success Tracking University.  It’s our new online training and education web site teaching you how to be more successful using the principles of success tracking – whether that’s for yourself or your team, there’s lots to learn.

Over the next few years we’ll be offering the success tracking courses and learning events your need (mostly for free) to help you improve your success tracking skills.

You can sign up as a new student and take one of the courses – I’d give you a discount but it would be like buying you a drink at a free bar, it’s all free!

Here’s to your greater success!


ps. if you’re interested in producing a course at Success Tracking University – for example in in your area of specialism – e.g. success tracking for sales professionals, success tracking for crossfit organisers then please do get in touch.

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