Rise updates – March 2021

Hello everyone

Trying to save you time both learning the Rise software and using it – here’s what’s changed this month – all changes are to the scorebook admin interface.


  • Onboarding tour for all admins – you’ll see this only once
  • Weekly Sales Leaderboard as a new scorebook option
  • New Sales category for scorebooks


  • Onboarding alerts are simplified for new scorebooks
  • The icons on the Score Algorithm page are tidied up and will show either + if weight>1 and the ranking algorithm is sum or % for a relative ranking algorithm They show as a . if weight=0.
  • The Bulletins list is tidied up, the bulletin name is clickable and shown in bold
  • Interim bulletins are renamed “provisional” – these are any bulletins created before the end of the score period.
  • Scorebook admin is now to a green button for easier spotting when viewing your current bulletin as an admin
  • View scorebook is renamed View Last Bulletin for clarity
  • New time options when creating a new bulletin – in particular Next Period – it works out what the dates of the next bulletin should be.
  • Dashboard is simplified right down. It now only shows tips before you create your first bulletin, otherwise it just shows the latest bulletin you’ve created. If you miss anything it was helping you with previously then let Toby know!
  • Rename Player Collector as Player Source (reverting to original)
  • Rename Subscriber as Follower (reverting to original)


  • Reports has been moved from the main menu to Expansions under settings
  • Unneeded board privacy settings have been removed
  • Unneeded description field for TV theme has been removed

Any problems or questions please holler.

Toby, Nick and Paolo

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