September 2021 – Product Update

Updates today:

  1. New Scorecard embed feature – this allows you to embed a player’s scorecard on your own site. You’ll need to uniquely identify your players using either twitter, url or email. We recommend email. The scorebook privacy must be set to Public, Unlisted or Stealth-Unlisted
  2. Zapier app support for Player Update – this allows you to include/exclude players via Zapier and subscribe / unsubscribe players to email notifications.
  3. Fix to Send Test Email and Preview Email – you can now preview your emails again before you send.
  4. The new Kred – 90 day score collector is live however after some initial success it’s currently having teething troubles. It is live on Rise but Kred still need to do some server work before it’s fully operational – we’ll keep you posted – be sure to subscribe to this blog.

Rise Product Priorities

Sometimes it’s useful to let you know our product priorities for the next few months.

  1. Reduced Rise branding on hosted scorebooks. One issue we consistently see is audience getting confused as to the publisher of a scorebook – often they think it’s rise (“hey I’m top on this Rise leaderboard, thanks Rise”) when actually Rise is just the technology supplier – to this end we are looking at ways to elevate the scorebook publisher brand to the top banner. Rise branding will move to the footer.
  2. Again in keeping with the idea of pushing Rise branding into the background – simplified rise navigation experience for users – the player navigation within Rise is unnecessarily sophisticated for most users – we plan to simplify by removing the splash images for player profiles and combining the profile, scorebooks and scorecard pages into a single profile page.
  3. The New Scorebook page is still unhelpful for new scorebook administrators – we are looking at ways to make this easier to get the right scorebook configuration from the start. We are going to remove solution content (specific functions and industries) from the new scorebook page – how to use rise for estate agent/ realtor sales gamification, for example, into a new section.

We’re always happy to discuss these product priorities so please just get in touch via our helpdesk.

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