October 2021 – Product Update News

The main new feature this month is raw and weighted score formatting.

You can now format both the raw and weighted score on your player scorecards. Previously it was only possible to have a format for either the raw or the weighted score (whichever you displayed on the leaderboard) – now you can set a different format for each. This makes the player scorecard easier to for players to understand.

As an example the raw score might be a time (in minutes and seconds for example) but the weighted score might be a number (as would be generated using a relative ranking algorithm.) Now you can format each correctly.

We have also:

  • Simplified the pricing page
  • Included API access in the Gold plan (subject to reasonable use)
  • Updated the “New Scorebook” page to be simpler and added quick walkthrough videos for each template (as planned)
  • Created a new “Solution Central” section in our knowledge base to provide in depth guides for popular solutions. If there’s a use case you’d like to see a write up for, please let us know. I haven’t had much call for Crossfit boxes, Bass fishing or Nearest the pin golf scorecards recently but am always happy to create a template and guide!

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