GOP Candidates – who’s who and who’s influencing online

Unless you’ve been hiding under a media rock, you can’t have failed to notice the amount of press coverage about the upcoming 2016 US Presidential Elections.  The Republican Party or Grand Old Party (GOP) has a colourful list of candidates vying for a nomination as their party’s presidential candidate.


These 17 men and women now have a little over a year to talk to the people, to reach out, state their goals and communicate why it is they should run the most powerful country in the world.

The use of Social Media will be more important than ever in reaching out to and speaking directly with the electorate. While there will always be room for for traditional campaign trail activities, 2016 will see the most digitally focussed campaigns yet. How candidates are perceived online and the influence they hold will be just as important as the speeches they give, the hands they shake or the babies they kiss.

This is why we are launching the The GOP Candidates Social Media Power Board. We will be monitoring the online influence of the candidates with a weekly release of this board and can’t wait to see how this correlates with their popularity in the polls. You can follow the board and get weekly notifications of who in the race is rising and who’s falling in their online social media influence.

Interested in how much influence you have online? Why not join our Online Influencer Board and see how you compare to your peers?

Manchester City is the most influential premier league football club

Screenshot 2015-07-31 13.02.17With just a few days to go to the start of the 2015 season we announce the most influential football clubs in the Premier League according to social media influence scorekeeper, Klout.

There are some surprises in the list:

We’ll be updating the list on a weekly basis. It’ll be interesting to see how the clubs’ success on the pitch translates into social media influence off it.

Rise launches new monthly index of UK Councils Social Media Performance, the app that gives you your own statistical release service, today launched a new monthly index of UK Council’s Social Media performance.

It initially uses the online “influence score” service Klout to track individual social media performance across all UK councils and provide a comparative ranking. Over time, further statistics will be included in the ranking, decided in conjunction with the councils themselves.

Rise’s CEO, a social media expert and former Wandsworth borough councillor himself, Toby Beresford said “I believe the time has come for local governments to fully embrace social media as a tool for fast, direct and transparent communication with the people they serve. By producing this monthly report we aim to support councils with accurate and relevant statistics as they transition to increasingly effective use of social media. We see the town of Jun in Spain as a trailblazer (Guardian article – 2 Jul 2015). By providing each of their elected officials and front line staff with Twitter accounts together with training – the town of Jun have reduced communications friction between citizen and public servant. This has led to greater engagement with and a sense of ownership of public services, both much needed here in Britain.”

The town of Jun recently made headlines as it has publicly ensured its staff from street cleaners to police officers have Twitter, local residents can register their Twitter accounts with the council so ensuring their tweets and questions are responded to appropriately. Everyone can get free training.

Guy Stephens, the social customer service guru said,I’m delighted to see Rise taking the initiative to produce this monthly report. Without comparative statistical reporting, it’s all too easy for the excellent work that social  customer service departments do, to go unrecognised. My hope is that this will not only highlight excellent performance, but also prompt decision makers to increase their investment in social customer service and digital inclusion programs.”

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London tops Las Vegas, New York and L.A. as the most desirable travel destination for Twitter users


Monday 6 July 2015, 1pm London

London has come out top in a new report of Top 1000 Travel Destinations on Twitter published by, the scorekeeping platform.

The report tracks over 1000 tourist boards for both individual cities and countries in terms of their worldwide following on social network Twitter. Each tourist board is ranked according to number of followers, the more followers a tourist board’s twitter channel has, the higher the rank.

Toby Beresford, CEO of said “maintaining an active social media channel demonstrates the vibrancy of demand for visits to a particular location. By providing an interesting flow of content the top tourist boards have managed to grow and maintain their own audience of travellers keen to visit. Social media channels are an excellent way for a tourist board to engage with potential visitors 365 days a year.”

In the report Visit London tops the chart with over 340,000 followers leaving it’s closest competitors, Vegas and I Love New York behind with around 285,000 followers each.

Rise’s Travel Sector specialist, Nick Shah said, “travel has always been a popular section within traditional news media, it’s no surprise that it creates great interest on social media too. This Rise Report is a great way for tourist boards to see where they stand, and see what work they need to do to keep up in the global race for tourist attention.”

The report also shows that Visit Britain has more followers than Visit Phillipines and Tourism Australia, giving the UK the coveted title of most popular country on Twitter.

Just scraping into the list is the 1000th tourist board – Experience Haiti. With just 190 followers, the country clearly has some way to go to engender the same excitement on social media as the leaders.

Rise offers a tracking service for Tourist Boards (and others) seeking to grow their Twitter reach, called the “Twitter Followers Club”. The club provides a free weekly personalised report tracking growth in followers that week and comparing rate of growth with others. To join the club visit

To see the full report visit

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London Hackathon leads to innovative digital solution for UN

Press Release on: 19 March 2015

Hackathon picture

A transformative company is rethinking United Nations social media strategies with an intelligent software platform that employs gamification techniques. Smart, social and performance oriented, Rise powers the recently launched UN Social 500 leaderboard which is used to recognise, amplify and encourage UN staff to harness the power of social media.

Toby Beresford, Rise CEO said, “We are beyond honoured to contribute to what is undoubtedly the world’s most recognised organisation. Social media is an incredibly powerful tool and through UN Social 500, we’re helping the United Nations make the most of online opportunities to engage with the world.”

In conjunction with social analytics ranking engine Klout, Rise has developed the UN Social 500 website to honour the top social media influencers within the United Nations. Drawing on data from multiple channels, Klout issues individual social media account scores. Rise then provides personal tracking over time, comparative benchmarking with peers and an overview of which UN social media butterflies have been most successful in spreading their wings.

unsocial500 screenshot

The initial idea came to light in the wake of the UN Influx hackathon, which challenged personnel to come up with ways to “use digital innovation to connect the UN and the public more effectively.” For Rise, the solution was the launch of social media leaderboard, UN Social 500. At its core, it encourages staff to augment their social media impact and promote UN efforts via personal online accounts. The board even boasts its very own #UNSocial500 hashtag to ensure followers stay up-to-the-minute on all the latest developments.

In today’s digital society social media has become an integral part of both personal and corporate communications. For an organisation focussing on peacekeeping, security, human rights AND economic development, social media is a hugely effective way to engage with global citizens. As such, UN personnel making the most of social media channels deserve to be commended for their efforts. The UN Social 500 leaderboard does just this, while simultaneously allowing members of the public to discover the most influential men and women who promote, discuss and describe the work of the UN on a daily basis.

From globally recognised organisations such as the United Nations to local SMEs and expanding corporations, the latest UN Social 500 drive is a lucid example of how a gamified performance management platform can be used to motivate employees to supercharge social media presence. For businesses and organisations of any size, it’s an innovative way to boost public profile, engage with a larger target audience and ensure that social media channels are worked at their hardest.

To find out more about Rise and sign up for a FREE membership to the online GPM community, go to:





Rise is a Gamified Performance Management (GPM) platform designed to help businesses get better at what’s important to them. The platform does this by providing regular, relevant feedback in a way that’s clear, proactive and results driven.

Members of the Rise community can choose to follow public or private boards in order to stay up to date with all the latest industry movements and trends. Once signed up, users can track progress against multiple metrics. These draw on a myriad of different systems and are an invaluable resource for businesses wanting to uncover how they shape up against the competition.


Contact: Toby Beresford


Tel UK: 0203 286 1568

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UN Social 500 leaderboard to recognise, amplify and encourage UN staff social media advocacy launches today #UNSocial500

I’ve just pressed the button on a 500 person tweet out, to congratulate the top 500 social media influencers within the United Nations on their inclusion on the UN Social 500.

The UN Social 500 is designed to recognise and honour those UN personnel who are spreading the word about the work of the UN by creating and maintaining a social media channel.

The UN Social 500 program came about in response to the challenge of the UN Influx hackathon. The challenge asked “how can we use digital innovation to connect the UN and the public more effectively”.

There are already hundreds of UN staff using social media channels to connect with hundreds of people and the vast variety of these means these channels cover thousands of niche topics.  By recognising their valuable contribution in an innovative way we can amplify their impact and encourage others to work on connecting the UN and the public via social media.

There is no prize for being on the board, simply the honour that comes from being included, though there is a digital badge that can be embedded on each individual’s own blog or home page.

The board is open for new UN staff to join, there is Social Media Guidance on how to plan and create an effect social media presence. The board has its own hashtag #UNSocial500 so everyone can see what each other is saying about it.

To rank players within the UN Social 500,  I used Klout scores, a universal standard of social media influence.  The board is based on the Rise gamified performance management platform  which provides personalised feedback, maintains an historic score record and allows flexible scoring systems.

From a Rise point of view, it is particularly interesting as a great technical deployment of a standalone Rise board on WordPress. If you’d like to copy the site then do let me know and I’ll be happy to send you a file with the WordPress template I used and the initial content.

Value of Data debated at the Memery Crystal Tech Breakfast Club

Last week I enjoyed breakfast with the MC Tech Breakfast Club where we debated the value of data and the legal framework for business use of data.

Tim Ryan, the founder and chair of the club, laid out 3 sources of value from data:

  1. Helping with decision making
  2. Allow two interested parties to exchange value
  3. It can have an entertainment value

Generally speaking, Tim felt, “the more important the decision, the more accurate the data has to be”

He then outlined 4 main areas where businesses need to be on the ball when it comes to data:

  1. Data Governance – it should be properly structured, consistent, accurate. You need teams to manage it
  2. Data Security Management– Mitigation of worldwide risks such as risk of loss, risk of corruption and IP theft.
  3. Data Structures – without them we just have “unstructured soup”, in particular, he felt data categorisation is important
  4. Data Integrity – maintaining the cleanliness and soundness of the data

These are 4 important areas for any business to consider when handling data, whether big or small. Certainly Rise provides a structured data processing service, converting unstructured big data (such as social media activity of individual employees) into structured data (a weekly summary score for each employee) and visualisation (often a leaderboard).

There’s a short video of interviews following the event from the participants (including me) where we go into more depth on the data privacy issues for consumers, the need for a US data privacy framework to match the European one and how gamification can be the key that unlocks access to consumer data for businesses.

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