November 2021 – Product Updates

Three minor changes to report:

  • Extended API support to allow customers to update player profile names, bios and photos via the API. The Zapier app is also updated. This means you can manage player appearance within a separate environment rather than needing users to go and log in to Rise.
  • Added ability to do LOG10() mathematical functions within formula calculations
  • Update to the Google Sheets integration to take account of new changes on Google side (for a short period the authorisation dialog to Google will appear to be insecure as we await Google verification of the changes).

September 2021 – Product Update

Updates today:

  1. New Scorecard embed feature – this allows you to embed a player’s scorecard on your own site. You’ll need to uniquely identify your players using either twitter, url or email. We recommend email. The scorebook privacy must be set to Public, Unlisted or Stealth-Unlisted
  2. Zapier app support for Player Update – this allows you to include/exclude players via Zapier and subscribe / unsubscribe players to email notifications.
  3. Fix to Send Test Email and Preview Email – you can now preview your emails again before you send.
  4. The new Kred – 90 day score collector is live however after some initial success it’s currently having teething troubles. It is live on Rise but Kred still need to do some server work before it’s fully operational – we’ll keep you posted – be sure to subscribe to this blog.

Rise Product Priorities

Sometimes it’s useful to let you know our product priorities for the next few months.

  1. Reduced Rise branding on hosted scorebooks. One issue we consistently see is audience getting confused as to the publisher of a scorebook – often they think it’s rise (“hey I’m top on this Rise leaderboard, thanks Rise”) when actually Rise is just the technology supplier – to this end we are looking at ways to elevate the scorebook publisher brand to the top banner. Rise branding will move to the footer.
  2. Again in keeping with the idea of pushing Rise branding into the background – simplified rise navigation experience for users – the player navigation within Rise is unnecessarily sophisticated for most users – we plan to simplify by removing the splash images for player profiles and combining the profile, scorebooks and scorecard pages into a single profile page.
  3. The New Scorebook page is still unhelpful for new scorebook administrators – we are looking at ways to make this easier to get the right scorebook configuration from the start. We are going to remove solution content (specific functions and industries) from the new scorebook page – how to use rise for estate agent/ realtor sales gamification, for example, into a new section.

We’re always happy to discuss these product priorities so please just get in touch via our helpdesk.

Rise updates – March 2021

Hello everyone

Trying to save you time both learning the Rise software and using it – here’s what’s changed this month – all changes are to the scorebook admin interface.


  • Onboarding tour for all admins – you’ll see this only once
  • Weekly Sales Leaderboard as a new scorebook option
  • New Sales category for scorebooks


  • Onboarding alerts are simplified for new scorebooks
  • The icons on the Score Algorithm page are tidied up and will show either + if weight>1 and the ranking algorithm is sum or % for a relative ranking algorithm They show as a . if weight=0.
  • The Bulletins list is tidied up, the bulletin name is clickable and shown in bold
  • Interim bulletins are renamed “provisional” – these are any bulletins created before the end of the score period.
  • Scorebook admin is now to a green button for easier spotting when viewing your current bulletin as an admin
  • View scorebook is renamed View Last Bulletin for clarity
  • New time options when creating a new bulletin – in particular Next Period – it works out what the dates of the next bulletin should be.
  • Dashboard is simplified right down. It now only shows tips before you create your first bulletin, otherwise it just shows the latest bulletin you’ve created. If you miss anything it was helping you with previously then let Toby know!
  • Rename Player Collector as Player Source (reverting to original)
  • Rename Subscriber as Follower (reverting to original)


  • Reports has been moved from the main menu to Expansions under settings
  • Unneeded board privacy settings have been removed
  • Unneeded description field for TV theme has been removed

Any problems or questions please holler.

Toby, Nick and Paolo

Product updates – December 2020

Heya, it’s been a bit of long time coming as we started this product update back in November – so a one month sprint turned into two. There was an interim release but I’ve saved the notification until today.

There are lots of visual changes in this update which may be noticeable to your audience – please check your scorebooks for any breaking changes and edit accordingly. Overall you shouldn’t notice a great deal of change save that it’s all a bit tidier!


Added a field to add your LinkedIn Profile URL
Added crumb trail to all themes for easier navigation
Added about text below the header on all themes except Claro
Added “this is latest bulletin / not latest bulletin” switcher
New different terms of service for players and administrators


Removed About page from all themes except Claro
Remove ability to pick about page as home page.


The displayed scorebook name above the leaderboard now includes the bulletin name after it. e.g. from “Platforms” to “Platforms Week 4”. This change will affect the embedded widgets as well.
Change Followers to Subscribers
Changed Join us to just Join
Meta tag changes and tighter canonical URLs
Now shows the leaderboard page number
Updated new player profile image size
Updated with new splash image size for Chrome and Riverbox


Fix bug which meant you couldn’t edit your website URL
Fix bug so movement views hide the player image if chosen
Make sure view bulletin as a table refers to players rather than entries.
Support to allow custom field values to be passed through to board description and into theme fields – this allows you to have store custom images (e.g. banner adverts) and display them in theme or in the description.
Fix bug where it was showing the wrong player scorecard on old bulletins
Fixed bug player profile images not showing on their profile

Rise Product Update – July 2020

This month’s update continues our theme of tidying up the scorebook settings panel.


  • Created a new settings section called “Expansions” – added Teams, Custom Fields, Badges and Insights to this section.
  • Added new scorebook categories for fundraising and gaming
  • Also added link to the infinite gamification book to the welcome email


  • Split up Share section into three sections – display, notify and export
  • Moved the collective goal feature out of the chrome theme settings, made it a platinum feature and gave it its own settings page. It now works on other themes too.
  • Moved follower settings from join settings into its own settings panel
  • Moved link to list of followers from reports to expansions
  • Renamed TV theme as Big Screen TV theme


  • Fixed bug with view bulletin as a table
  • Use term scorecard in metric settings page for channel visibility


  • Removed unnecessary sub nav on TV settings and Widget settings

Infinite Gamification: Motivate your team until the end of time

Toby Beresford’s new book on Infinite Gamification is now available to buy as a paperback or Kindle version on Amazon!

For anyone planning on using Rise the book is a must-have as it leads the reader through the steps to planning and executing an infinite gamification program – including leaderboards and scorecards.

It is available at all Amazon stores. For convenience the links to the US and UK Amazon sites are below:



Infinite Gamification on the rise

Infinite Gamification, distinct from finite gamification, is a gamification designed to last, potentially forever.

A classic example is the English Premier League (or any football league) – the annual competition continues every year, effectively gamifying club football keeping audience, players and sponsors engaged.

For organisations, infinite gamification programs keep teams continuously improving week in week out. is an infinite gamification platform that smooths the ‘final mile’ – display of the scorecards and leaderboards, notification of changes to individual scores.

We look forward to talking more about infinite gamification in the future.