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Rules of the game – How to have fun, develop new skills and drive business growth

Thu 20 May, 2021

Rise CEO Toby Beresford is quoted in this article:

But the techniques can be applied to virtually any business or sector, says Toby Beresford, the author of Infinite Gamification: Motivate your team until the end of time. “If you can count something, it can be gamified,” he says. “As soon as you put a target number in front of a person or organisation, you are gamifying. You have turned them into a player.”

Credit Where Credit Is Due: 3 Tips for Implementing a Digital Badge Program at Your Organization


Digital badge program advice


Tech2Brand interviews Rise.global founder Toby Beresford

Aug 07, 2017 — Tech2Brand

What is Rise, What’s unique about Rise and who can use Rise.


Playing Games To Learn Code, Checkmarx Acquires Codebashing

Jul 26, 2017 — Adrian Bridgwater

Toby Beresford’s article on 16 reasons why your gamification design sucks is quoted in this discussion of the use of gamification in the app Codebashing


Playing games with employees’ minds has risk of crash and burn

Apr 12, 2017 — Alexandra Frean

Article looking at good & bad use of gamification.

Toby Beresford, founder of Rise, a consultancy specialising in workforce “success tracking”, says that cash rewards are counterproductive because they turn gamification into work and employees just focus on what they have to do to earn the prize to the exclusion of everything else. He also stresses that such strategies work best when they are voluntary and designed for the benefit not of the boss but of the employees, letting them track their own performance.

Interview with Mark Gossington – Partner, Financial Services, PwC

Oct 04, 2016 — Rob Harkavy

Mark mentions his success at using Rise to engage the LGBTI community

Stay in the Game with Games

Feb 01, 2016 — Jochen Gebauer

Magazine interview regarding the use of gamification in the events industry. Quotes Toby Beresford of Rise.board.

International Confex 2013 in London. The focus was on the event’s social media presence – and the idea to reinforce it using simple gamification concepts.
Specialising in exactly such applications, the UK company Rise created a leader board, Confex’ attendees were featured on the Twitter board in real-time ranked according to tweets. They could move up by using a combination of event hashtags instead of just tweeting #confex2013, and even re-tweets of influential Twitter users resulted in better rankings. Was there a prize? None at all. Nevertheless – or perhaps precisely for that reason? – the outcome was 5,000 tweets from 1,400 attendees and an Event Tech Award for “Best Use of Social Media”.

“Once you offer a prize you run into problems,” says Rise CEO Toby Beresford. “Gamification works best if it reinforces the intrinsic value of an activity.” In other words: The game itself has to be fun. If you have to be “bribed” into taking part, something must be wrong with the underlying concept. For this reason, says Beresford, there is no case that is universally applicable. “We have seen successes,” says Beresford, “but they are based on many different aspects.” The individual target audience is of crucial importance – good gamification concepts are personalised, “there is no one size fits all”

Why your employees should keep their own scores

13 October 2015 – Toby Beresford

Using Gamification to Build Communities and Create Leads #SocialSelling

Dec 16, 2014 — Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes outlines how a Rise leaderboard can turn from being a way to stealthily track prospects to an open board that creates an instant niche community.credly.com

Mahara UK Conference 2014 Case Study

Aug 01, 2014 — Katie Piatt

How Rise was used successfully at the Mahara UK conference to engage delegates.totalcustomer.org


Gamification Engages Job Candidates Beyond Their Resumes

Apr 06, 2014 — ROCCO SANNELLI

What Gamification Gurus are made of

Mar 11, 2014 — Cameron Graham



When Work is a Game, Who Wins?

Sep 17, 2013 — Ben Mauk

Rise mentioned (leaderboarded) as a new genre of apps providing better feedback at work.


Leaderboarded Takes On PeerIndex Groups As Latter Switches Focus To Platform

Aug 08, 2013 — Mike Butcher

Leaderboarded takes over running of PeerIndex groups.


Kill Your Awful Annual Reviews—It’s Time To Give Employees ‘Hyperfeedback’ Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com…

Feb 06, 2013 — Julie Bort

How giving employees more feedback can encourage better performance and a leaderboard can provide a ‘pat on the back’


Social Recognition and Gamification of Performance Reviews

Dec 31, 2012 — Aaron Lester

Quicker feedback loops and more objective measures to reinvent the classic performance review process. Quotes from Toby Beresford CEO Leaderboarded


An INsider’s View: Capgemini’s Gamification of 120,000 Employees

Nov 19, 2012 — Gamifeye

Interview with one of the Capgemini employees who was gamified. Sample below:

S: What sort of impact did gamification have on employees?

O: This was a very well thought-out strategy as we wanted to raise awareness about our brand and company to all employees taking the quiz. The impact in the office was pretty big. For a whole week the only thing people had on their minds was getting to number one on the leaderboard.


This week in Social media

Nov 17, 2012 — Cindy King

Here’s an interesting tool worth noting:

Leaderboarded: A tool for companies to create their own online leaderboards powered by social data.

Running a Conference game – Twitter and Leaderboarded at #FOTE12

Oct 06, 2012 — Katie Piatt

Katie Piatt on gamifying the FOTE2012 (Future of Technology in Education) conference with the use of Leaderboarded.

“Then, my favourite element was the use of Leaderboarded.com to pull all the scores and Twitter usernames from the google spreadsheet into the playfote12 leaderboard. It’s a simple way to create your own professional looking leaderboard.

“Configuring the link between the spreadsheet and leaderboarded – easy!
“Leaderboarded also lets you customise and style your leaderboard. So I swapped in some great Tour de France jersey graphics (thanks again Marion) so we could show them on the board and also have physical stickers the players could wear to match their rank.”

Media Playground: Who has the most influence in the digital space?

Jun 18, 2012 — Liz Jaques

Results of the digital influencer leaderboard at the Media Playground event


Gamestorming at GSummitX

May 10, 2012

Gamification theory was put to use on the participants of the conference with the help of Toby Beresford’s newly released web application Leaderboarded. The software pulls information from a variety of online social media sources (primarily Twitter) to compile self-updating leaderboards that rank users according to parameters set by the board creator. It was in the interest of GSUMMITx organisers to have participants tweet about the event, and so a leaderboard was displayed on large LCD screen, with a list of event attendees ranked by the frequency with which they tweeted the #GSummitX hashtag. In practice the competitive element certainly seemed to motivate the crowd, and a lively commentary on proceedings continued throughout the event.