How to drive better digital marketing skills among your chamber of commerce members using Rise and gamification

Recently a digital leader at a chamber of commerce asked me, how can I engage my members around social media? Can I do more than simply putting on  a training event about digital marketing?

He wanted to know was there a proven way to leverage the power of his membership to spur each other on?

Digital marketing is already seen as a crucial topic for many Chambers of Commerce. A flurry of digital marketing related events for members at the end of last year (e.g. norfolk, devon is only set to hot up in 2016.

Developing skills in digital marketing – whether it be SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social Media, Online advertising or Email marketing – is now a must-do rather than a nice-to-have for local businesses across the country.

But how do we use the power of the crowd to encourage everyone to do more?

We can take a leaf out of Fitbit‘s book and help members track their digital marketing performance, encouraging each other with a sprinkle of competition.

Screenshot 2016-01-06 12.37.32

Each week we send each member their Klout score, relative rank versus their peers and the leaderboard, via email. This encourages them to try to improve their digital marketing performance each week.

Most of us don’t have time to track our own analytics properly, and we certainly don’t have the time to generate comparative reports,  so having someone else do it for us is a real God send.

You can set up a program for your chamber very easily using a Rise Power 100 leaderboard. (There is a small cost of around £0.12 / about $0.20 per member per month to run).

Once on Rise:

  • get started by signing in with your Twitter account
  • create a Power 100 board
  • select “add players one by one”
  • go to Players and add yourself as the first player (using your twitter account)
  • go to Data Collectors and click on “Poll now” to collect a Klout score for you
  • go to Releases and click on Create Release to create your first “release” of the leaderboard (this summarises all the collected scores for this week)
  • view the released leaderboard
  • now share the link to the leaderboard with other members of your chamber and ask them to click on the “Join” button to join the program
  • you can then automate it to collect the scores and release the leaderboard each week. You can either send the email out manually (giving you a chance to add some fun commentary) or you can automate the email too.
  • for extra impact you can even publicly “Tweet Out” the rank and score to each member

There’s a free 7 day trial so it should give you some time to get it set up before you start paying.

Head over to Rise Power 100 leaderboard and sign up with your Twitter account to get started.

This technique alone will improve your digital marketing performance of every member of your chamber in just a few months.

Did it work for you? Let us know in the comments what other challenges your chamber is facing…


I’ve seen the future of customer centric marketing… and its gamified.

At yesterday’s excellent BIMA Breakfast Briefing I joined agencies PhD and We Are Social to debate the future of customer centric marketing. You’d be hard pressed to have come away without recognising the massive impact gamification can have for data led marketing.

To keep you in the loop, I’ll paraphrase the key points here:

  1. Customer centricity is about rolling out the red carpet to your best customers (Peter Fader)
  2. Not all industry sectors suit a customer centric approach but B2B certainly does
  3. To be effective, Customer centricity requires us to know who are our best customers
  4. Existing segmentation tends to lack the necessary detail to create a ‘best customer score’ for each customer
  5. There are 6 sources (at least) of behaviour data we need to create the best customer score:
    1. Online Engagement
    2. Purchases
    3. Marketing Attention
    4. Physical Visits
    5. Social Media
    6. Product Usage
  6. Not all data is available today – we are hampered by:
    1. Poor campaign property to central CRM data exchange
    2. Rigid privacy policies creating data silos
    3. Legacy marketing systems without adequate data exchange
    4. No ability to track check-ins in store or at events
    5. Unlinked customer identities – i.e. not linking a twitter account to an email address
    6. No feedback from customer on actual usage of product
  7. So, we don’t know who our best customers, so we can’t be customer centric.
  8. What’s the big idea? Get customers to manage their own ‘best customer score’
  9. Nike has obtained the data it needs with Nike+ where consumers see their score, link social identities, register purchases and record usage
  10. Facebook has obtained the data it needs by gamifying social behaviour in its entirety
  11. Gamification is the technique being used – it’s about a Win Win for both player and manager
  12. Rise offers a ready to roll platform for running these data exchange for feedback programs on a trusted 3rd party.
  13. Gamification solves the problem of not enough data to know who are our best customers.
  14. Getting started I recommend focusing on social media as its light, public and easy to use
  15. With Rise you can start with small, simple projects that can flex and grow into the future programs you want them to be

The full slide deck is available on slideshare

So there you have it, the ideal companion to your Customer Centric marketing program is a gamification program. What and who you gamify is very much up to you!