Rise launches The Premier League Players Power 100

August is drawing to a close and to some, that can only mean one thing; the start of the 2015/16 English Premier League football season. And so begins nine months of action on the pitch and just as much, if not more, interest in the game off the pitch. From the money taken on the gates every week to sponsorship deals, football is big business. Players are worshipped and berated by fans in equal measure, but either way you can’t deny these men hold huge amounts of sway with the football watching pubic.

But does how they perform on the pitch have any direct impact on their level of influence off it?  To monitor the rise (and fall) of the online influence of those playing in the EPL, Rise are proud to announce the launch of The Premier League Players Power 100.  We will be monitoring the online influence ranking of every player and can’t wait to see how their performance with the ball affects their social media influence this season.

This week’s board makes for interesting reading already, with an unsurprising top place going to football’s richest player Wayne Rooney. All the big club names are represented in the top 10; Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool. But so is current number 19 position Sunderland. Jermaine Defoe is clearly making an online name for himself. Great exposure for him, but also for his bottom of the league club.

You can follow the Premier League Power 100 and get weekly notifications of who’s influencing social media this week. Think you’re an influential football fan? Why not join our Most Influential Fans board and see how you rank against the big names, and each other?





Manchester City is the most influential premier league football club

Screenshot 2015-07-31 13.02.17With just a few days to go to the start of the 2015 season we announce the most influential football clubs in the Premier League according to social media influence scorekeeper, Klout.

There are some surprises in the list:

We’ll be updating the list on a weekly basis. It’ll be interesting to see how the clubs’ success on the pitch translates into social media influence off it.

WePlay reach new customers by using a leaderboard

WePlay.co is a dedicated sports social media agency working with the world’s top sporting brands.

We Play wanted to reach out to top sports brands to offer their cutting edge fan engagement and social media expertise but needed a way to start the conversation.

As a door opener and conversation piece, We Play created the weekly ‘Social Media Premier League‘ which ranked the English Premier League clubs in terms of their social media presences.

As a result We Play entered into new business conversations with several top clubs, many of whom became interested in We Play services via the leaderboard.

We Play founder and CEO Luca Massaro said:

“By running the We Play Social Media Premier League using Leaderboarded.com we were able to create an interesting and useful tool for clubs to measure and benchmark their social media performance. The Leaderboarded tool enabled us to devise our own scoring system and weekly competition that focused on performance improvement. We’re delighted with the results we’ve achieved using leadeboarded and have gone on to create several other leaderboards”

We Play used the Custom leaderboard template to create this leaderboard.