Success Tracking for Sports Bars

Photo Credit: James Sutton

A question on the Q&A site Quora, “What are the KPIs for a Sports Bar in 2017?“, prompted a revisit of the G.E.R.M. model for phasing your success tracking metrics.

Here’s the G.E.R.M. inspired answer:

G = Getting Going

  • are we putting on our target number of sports viewing events in the categories we’re focusing on – e.g. # major events per month

E= Engagement

  • are our audience enjoying the experience. – e.g. can we count/estimate dwell time, whether they are repeat visiting

R = Reach

  • are people bringing friends? how many parties have we accepted each month? is overall footfall increasing?

M = Monetisation

  • is spend on food and drinks increasing? are people tweeting and sharing their experience online (this is a form of monetisation as they are effectively doing your advertising for you – “earned media”)


Importantly with any G.E.R.M. success tracking program – it is vital to focus only on the metrics of one phase at a time – there is no point in working on Reach if you don’t have Engagement.

At a recent meetup, I found one e-commerce entrepreneur making that very mistake, this time in a costly way. He was shelling out hundreds of pounds a day for Adwords without first ensuring that his conversion rate was sufficient to make it worth it. Without a good conversion rate (akin here to an engagement metric) on your sample cohort there is no point in growing your advertising spend to reach a larger  group – you’ll just get the same dismal conversion rate but with a larger number of people.

Getting Going as a Blogger

It was fascinating to read the interview with the UK Government’s head of editorial in econsultancy recently.

In the article, Carrie Barclay is asked “What kind of goals do you have? What are the most useful metrics and KPIs for measuring success?”

She responds as follows:

“We use a blend of analytics and social media monitoring to keep an eye on things.

I’m not massively interested in high numbers of visitors – some of our blogs are quite niche – I’m more concerned with consistency and engagement.

Our comments facility is important, but these days many more conversations happen on social platforms, so that’s where we focus our attention.”

Focus on consistency first

In her thinking, she is validating our GERM Model – digital metrics for really busy people – which puts the focus on Getting Going (aka Consistency) and Engagement before worrying about Reach.

For many bloggers, myself included, writing consistently is really the first challenge we have to overcome.

Metrics Feedback to help with Habit Forming

Screenshot 2016-02-26 12.33.54I’ve set myself a challenge to write a blog post once a week, here on the Rise blog, and publish it every Tuesday. To help me in the challenge I’ve created a Rise board to track the number of posts I write each week and email me each Friday to remind me how I’ve gotten on.

If you’d like to join the board too then you’ll also get (completely free) that weekly email with the single Getting Going blog metric that matters – how many posts this week.  You can see the board at Getting Going as a Blogger on Rise. Click on the Join button to get going.

Look forward to seeing you there.