Why you should make your Rise program Opt In

Rise offers rich, relevant and regular feedback to employees. Is a scorekeeping solution to help your business succeed.

Our best practice recommendation is to make your program ‘Opt In’ within an internal context.  That means your players need to choose to participate and to have their scores kept for them.

Why is Opt In important?

Making your Rise program ‘Opt In’ from the get go, ensures it is positioned as a service to your players rather than ‘yet another management target’. It ensures it is designed to provide value to the players at the point of need.

This is one of the key differences between gamified and traditional measurement  (like Management Information Systems (MIS)) – manager and employee goals are aligned.

The best way to ensure this alignment is to make the program opt-in – that way it has to be communicated as a valuable service for employees. For instance if your program is for sales reps then you should position your program as “this will help you sell more”.

A side benefit of this approach is that encourages ownership of the program among the players, they will then help you iterate the scoring system to make it even more relevant for their day to day needs. They will also be less likely to cheat and game the system.

My one proviso to this is that sometimes you need to ‘seed your program’ with an initial set of 10 employees so everyone else can see what it is they are opting into.