Improved Notification Emails for Managers

We’re rolling out a new feature this week to provide notification emails for managers around two key events:

  • data collection completion
  • release generation

The release generation email will let you know when a release has been created and provide a summary of metrics for all the players on the board.

UN Social 500 has completed generating a release   toby   Rise Mail.png

The data collection email will let you know when the data collector has completed, how many new score entries it found. It will also highlight any players where it wasn’t possible to collect data.


Rise pivots to become a blogging platform centred around leaderboards

Starting from today, we’re rolling out some changes to Rise that make Rise “releases” resemble blog posts.

Now, eaScreenshot 2015-06-09 14.02.33ch release of a leaderboard can be its own blog post – perhaps talking about the scores for this week or month. Each release can now feature  commentary on this week’s movements plus any other industry/sector news relevant to your community.

Now you can think of a Rise board, not as a leaderboard that updates in real time but instead, as a weekly news article about the score.

To support this, we’ve added an “article” field to the releases form for you to post your personalised copy for each release, commenting on the movers and shakers as well as recent changes in the market and for individuals that the scores now reflect.

This is a strategic  shift in direction for us as it reflects how our customers are using Rise to maintain player engagement in their  personal dashboards over the long term.

Take a look at the Parent Blogger Club to see this new feature in action.