Rise launches Social Selling Club

iconWe think Social Selling, the art of prospecting and engaging with customers via social media, is absolutely wonderful and we’d love to see more sales professionals use it. The social selling club is an opt in club to track and measure your social selling performance for free.

The Internet, search engines (i.e. Google!) and online digital data (especially social media data) make today’s buyers (both consumers and businesses) hold all the aces in the procurement game. There is general consensus that a B2B buyer has completed 2/3rds of his buying process before interacting with a single vendor. This is why every business needs to embrace social media marketing and social selling. These tools allow you to position yourself so that you are the natural port of call when a buyer decides to talk to a vendor.

Social selling is no different from normal selling, except the conversations and interactions happen on social media – on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs, etc. The objective of social selling is to post content and contribute to conversations on social media so that your prospective customers get valuable information and advice to help them in their buying decision making. A minimum requirement for success in social selling is to achieve reach (how many people are reading your content/posts), activity (how much content/posts are you contributing on a regular basis) and engagement (are people taking notice of your content by acknowledging your contributions positively and interacting with you in conversations).

You start social selling by tweeting, responding to other people’s tweets, following people, getting followers, making posts on LinkedIn, making connections, blogging. How do you keep track of how well you are doing this week after week, and also relative to other social sellers?

This is where Social Selling Club comes in. We will help you keep track of all these activities and report back to you on a weekly basis, giving you a single score that will be easy for you understand how you are doing from week to week. The score will also show how well you are doing relative to everyone else in the Club. Look at the detailed data every week and you’ll be able to understand what you are doing well and where you need to do better.

And the best thing is that, this won’t cost you a penny since this is a free service from Rise. So, what are you waiting for? Join now and start your journey of social selling success.


Alphabetical Order is so over.

I’m not sure if you’d noticed but alphabetical order, the way we collate lists of items based on their first letter, is going the way of the dodo, digitally speaking at least.

Just have a think about what you now read, that isn’t it in alphabetical order:

  • on Facebook the list of Friends online is in order of relationship strength
  • on Meetup the list of group members is in in order of most recent activity
  • on Google the list of search results is in order of most relevance
  • on Amazon the list of shopping items is first in order of most recommended for you
  • on Rise the list is ordered by score
  • on Twitter the list of news items is in order of most recent

In fact even on Wikipedia – something you’d assume was pretty much alphabetical – finding an alphabetical list among the contents isn’t obvious.

What’s the reason for this destruction of alphabetical order – are we losing our way?


Not a bit of it. Alphabetical order is only really relevant to physical mediums like paper – when you have to manually search stuff yourself.  When you’ve got a search engine to do it for you you don’t need alphabetical order any more, the machine takes you directly to the page you wanted.

That means there’s a host of opportunity for new orders of things online.

What are you currently ordering alphabetically online that really you don’t need to? Or what are you not ordering that you could?

How about:

  • a member directory ordered by depth of community engagement
  • a list of items ordered by popularity
  • a list of blog posts ordered by how much they are read
  • a list of countries ordered by their UNDP Human Development Index
  • a staff directory listed by their contribution to the team

Food for thought. Have a great week.

Track tweets with images

Screenshot 2014-10-20 17.41.25

Encouraging adoption of Twitter’s sharing of images feature can really help with social media marketing. Tweets with photos attract more attention than those without. Definitely worth having, now all you need to do is to ask  your followers to tweet on your hashtag and include a  photo.

One way to do this is to give them feedback on the number of Tweets they do that include an image. With our new media image tracking feature you can give players a point for each Tweet they make that includes a lovely image.

Find out more in our knowledge base article.

How to distribute badges via Leaderboarded and Credly

Leaderboarded and Credly have partnered to provide a way of giving elegant badges to players on your leaderboard.

While you can read the press release in full, the integration guide on Credly or the help content on Leaderboarded to find out more, you might prefer to watch one of the videos below:

In these short step by step videos I demonstrate how to distribute badges, firstly via email (if the Player Identifier for your board is email) or via Twitter (if you’re using Twitter accounts as the Player Identifier).

I look forward to seeing some badges distributed in this way very soon.

Games For TV gets Leaderboarded

Yesterday at BAFTA, London, UK the Games For TV conference with over 70 delegates and 30 speakers was leaderboarded!

Speakers were scored by Klout, their own tweets about the event and the number of people talking to them about the event on Twitter. We used Lanyrd to automatically pull in the list of speakers.

Delegates were scored by Klout and the volume of tweets they produced about the event.

The speaker competition was won by Nicholas Lovell of GamesBrief and the delegate competition by Will Luton.

Check out the speaker leaderboard here: http://www.leaderboarded.com/leaderboard/board/games4tv-speakers

Other conference organisers reading this, might also be interested to see the “overall performance” chart which shows how tweets on the conference hashtag increased over the day, possibly incentivised by leaderboarded…

Create a balanced scorecard with rise.global

Creating a balanced scorecard? Well you could use your favourite spreadsheet and figure it out yourself but wouldn’t it be easier if an app did the ranking work for you?

As part of an agency sourcing project for a brand manager client, I used Google Spreadsheets to rate each agency (1-10) against the 7 criteria. I then processed the spreadsheet via rise.global and gave a relative weighting to each criteria.

rise.global outputted the results (and added a nice Twitter image for each agency) which I sent to the client.