The Rise approach to Sales Team Gamification

What’s our USP?

I think our most important feature is our player centred approach to design. This delivers real value to reps. In our thinking the rep, or “player”, is at the centre of our design – every program design question is answered by deciding whether it adds value for the rep. We want to offer programs that helps reps achieve their own goals and we provide useful feedback to help them get there.

Single consolidated scores

For instance, while managers might enjoy long spreadsheets with multiple metrics its rarely relevant for individual reps to have to keep track of tens of different metrics. Rise simplifies things by consolidating multiple metrics into a single score between 1 and 100. It’s easier for reps to understand and keep track of because the hard work of working out the relative importance of different metrics – whether it’s more useful to be tweeting or pushing linkedin updates for example, has already been factored in.

Granular control over data

As part of this ethos, Rise provides individual reps and managers with granular control over their social and business data as well as transparency over how their score is calculated. So for example you can decide whether to share LinkedIn data and, even when you do, we anonymise it, so the only thing that’s stored, is the count of number of connections, not the details of who those connections are. That means when you sign up to the program (read Why you should make your Rise program Opt-In) you can be assured of exactly what data is going to be shared from your personal social accounts. We want you to own your own data and to have transparency over how it is used.

Timely, relevant feedback for Reps

For the rep, Rise’s aim is to provide regular, clear feedback on how well you are doing at achieving your own goals as well as those that your organisation has set for you. It’s an easy way for you to track yourself against your own social and digital transformation goals.

Rise lets managers provide a personalised score each week showing whether you’ve gone up or down. This score is a consolidated and simplified view of multiple metrics that matter to Reps. We will be reporting back how you are doing in terms of participation and engagement with social media, if you’re engaging and providing value successfully then your score will go up.

Sophisticated scoring algorithms

Rise allows managers to create sophisticated scoring systems that reduce gaming of the system and consequent distortion effects. In the early stages of any program, while managers still bedding down the score algorithm we don’t recommend providing any drill down but in time we aim to give reps transparency on individual metrics.

A good scoring system balances quality of activity with quantity.

Accurate insights for managers

For first line sales managers Rise provides accurate information that they can really use to coach and encourage reps. As managers our goal is always to try to get the best from reps and to help them achieve their goals
Having their team on Rise  also provides the opportunity for managers to run ad-hoc contests to help drive sales and particular priorities locally.

One of the great advantages of having reps on a Rise program is that they become champions of data accuracy! That means your management data quality will improve.

Wider corporate benefits

By becoming an early leader of gamification, a key enterprise technology category that Gartner has picked to mature over the next 5-10 years, will help your business offer your customers a competitive service, and one that it understands intimately from having used it itself.

Access control and Data security

All leaderboards have multi-level access control ensuring access to edit the board settings, add and remove scores and to view the final scores themselves is only provided to invited managers. All raw score data is deleted as soon as it is no longer needed (after 90 days) while a historical record of the final scores for each metric is kept so each rep has a historical record.

With Rise you are always in control over the program – whether you participate and by how much is up to you. We also have designed the system to flex as the business needs change. That means that reps and managers can ask for more appropriate metrics to be included over time, and perhaps take away the ones that aren’t useful. Gamification is really about aligning both rep and management goals in a single program so using the flexibility of Rise around the scoring system is a critical element in sustained success.

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